Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Build Capacitor Bank Circuit for Motorcycle Battery Stabilizer

Electronic Kit School. - Maybe do you ever hear about capacitor bank but power bank. I am sure that with power bank, you very familiar and maybe also using this device to save your gadget device. But maybe not with capacitor bank.

Capacitor bank usually used in many application in electrical and electronic field like be used in motorcycle to refine the performance. Capacitor bank in motorcycle design to give many advantages as follow.
  • Battery voltage stabilizer in motorcycle electrical system
  • A long lasting battery
  • Tend to fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Make an electrical components work optimally
  • Can help work the battery / accumulator in motorcycle if in motorcycle widely installed many varieties electronic application like in motorcycles touring.
In this article we will give you one project to build electronic circuit that can give you capacitor bank for motorcycle battery stabilizer like in Figure 1 below. The main components are used in this circuit are capacitors with few of component added like resistor, switch, and LED.


Figure 1. Capacitor Bank Circuit for Motorcycle

Component Parts

  1. 4 x 3.300uF / 16 volts
  2. 4 x 4.700uF / 16 volts
  3. 5 x 1.000uF / 16volt
  4. 8 x 4.7uF / 16volt
  5. 1 x 10nF
  6. 1 x LED
  7. 1 x 1K ohm resistor
  8. Switch
  9. Universal PCB
  10. Ring Terminal 2 sets
  11. Cables

To build capacitor bank circuit project for motorcycle you should provide some components and material need. We mentioned component part above, but for material you can provide like iron solder, tin, box and other.

How to Build?

  1. After you prepare all component and material, firstly you can arrange all component capacitors, resistor and LED to universal PCB
  2. Connect all pin of components like in Figure 1 above.
  3. Solder all component pin in universal PCB, and you can cut the long pin component after it.
  4. Connect the (+) battery terminal and (-) battery terminal with ring terminal. You can use switch as the alternative switching with connect switch with starter switch of motorcycle.
  5. Insert capacitor bank to the transparent box.
  6. Connect capacitor bank circuit parallel with battery in motorcycle
  7. And the last you can test the performance of capacitor bank for your motorcycle.
The result of Capacitor bank test in Yamaha V-ixion Injection Motorcycle.

Before using Capacitor Bank (Image:Saft7)

After using Capacitor Bank where Voltage Spike Reducing (Image:Saft7)


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