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How to Build 3.7V/11.6Ah Power Bank using 4 Cells Type 18650 from Laptop Used Battery

ElectronicKitSchool. - There are many power bank sold in phone market with many quality and cost. Usually power bank sold with high cost with high specification. Power bank many used in gadget application to supply the power of gadget battery when empty.

When you have many rechargeable cell battery used like from cell laptop battery with Lithium cell battery, now you can used these cell battery to build yourself power bank battery look like this article that will give you guidance to build 3.7V/11.6Ah Power Bank using 4 Cells Type 18650 from Laptop Used Battery.

In this article, we will give you circuit installation of this power bank building, component and material used, and step-by-step an how to build this power bank easily.

Figure 1. 3.7V/11.6Ah Power Bank Circuit
Source: Kaskus

Components and Materials

  1. 4 cells lithium battery used from laptop (3.7V, 2900mA @ cell)
  2. Battery cell charger module
  3. Gadget charger module
  4. Switch
  5. Iron solder
  6. Tin
  7. Scissor
  8. Cutter
  9. Zinc
  10. Cable
  11. Duct tape
  12. Multitester
  13. Others

How to  build?

In this project we show use 4 cells lithium battery from laptop battery cells with 3.7V/2900mA each cells. When we parallel all cells we will get 3.7V/11.6Ah, and in this project we will use this connection for all cells.

Source: Kaskus
And here are all steps to build this 3.7V/11.6Ah Power Bank using 4 Cells Type 18650 from Laptop Used Battery below.

  1. Prepare all component used to build this power bank above.
  2. Install cell battery with parallel connection, you can use connector from zinc used
    Source: Kaskus

    Source: Kaskus
  3. Install the connector to battery cells, and paste using duct tape
  4. Please test the voltage using multitester, when it is ready please wrap it using duct tape again.
    Source: Kaskus
  5. Now you can continue with connect the battery with battery cell charger module and gadget charger module like connection circuit in Figure 1 above. Don't forget to connect the switch.
    Source: Kaskus
  6. And now you finish to build the 3.7V/11.6Ah Power Bank using 4 Cells Type 18650 from Laptop Used Battery.
    Source: Kaskus
  • You can charge the lithium cell battery firstly when needed
  • Switch used to remove battery to charge the gadget and charged battery.
  • You can use box to save this circuit. 
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