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Electronic Circuit Software: Cadence OrCAD Allegro 2016 Version 17.2 for Windows plus Instruction Installation

ElectronicKitSchool. - In 2016 OrCAD has launched their latest version software that called with Cadence Allegro 17.2 or also called with OrCAD 17.2 for Windows system. Maybe this version develop to completed the old version of this software.

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And suited with the main goal of this software, that will allow the user to create electronic project like create circuit and PCB layout design. So, for you how want to create electronic circuit project and then continue with design PCB layout manually and auto-route in this time you can use this update version of OrCAD software.

With OrCAD software, this software will help you to draw electronic circuit diagram easily and then make easy you to design PCB layout your circuit diagram auto-route or manually with it all features given.

In this article we will give you global overview about OrCAD software, and then we will give you link to take free download Cadence OrCAD Allegro 2016 Version 17.2 for Windows plus Instruction Installation according that we given to you freely.


From Elcohow blog describe that this is OrCAD 2016 Version 17.2 for Windows with Video Installation Guide for you. This OrCAD version also mentioned with another name is Cadence Allegro SPB 17. Cadence Allegro and OrCAD products are integrated directly with Windows; the products support hardware and peripherals supported by Windows. A list of hardware and peripherals officially supported by Windows can be obtained from the Microsoft web page. 

The products require updating certain Microsoft libraries in the Windows directory. You must install the Cadence software using either a standalone install or a client install. You may not be able to point to the software without installing.

Allegro Crack Instruction and Library Builder ORCAD 17.2-2016 

  1. Set LicenseManager (if the program installed, skip to question license and continue to install it)
  2. Set cadence SPB 17.2-2016 (long a little bit light)
  3. Install Orcad Library Builder.
  4. Copy all files in the crack \ license_manager (3 files) into Cadence folder \ LicenseManager just installed. Then double click the file to run this file LicenseManagerPubkey.bat.
  5. Copy all files in the folder crack \ tools folder on both set to Cadence \ SPB_17.2 \ tools then run the file ToolsPubkey.bat (1 little bit long run, you wait until the process finishes it).
  6. Then to run files in the folder crack LicGen.bat \ lic_gen to generate license.lic file. Then copy the file just created license.lic on both Cadence installation directory. (Conventional milk have a localhost entry in the file src.lic hostname, but there was milk and so you ignore)
  7. In Cadence folder \ LicenseManager run LicenseServerConfiguration.exe file, in the window License browse to find the file we press license.lic file copied to finish in the Cadence installation directory. Then click Next until the end click Finish.
  8. We continue to directory Cadence \ LicenseManager to milk license.dat file just created. You open a file in notepad and delete offline 2 quotes and save.
  9. Continue to run lmtools.exe file (also in Cadence directory \ LicenseManager are light). LMTOOLS window opens, select the tab Start / Stop / đọc lại bảng. Then click Stop Server, and click the Start Server. After seeing the message Server Start Succesful is OK.
Download Software

And now you can click the icon link below to continue download Cadence OrCAD Allegro 2016 Version 17.2 for Windows for Windows from external source.

Cadence OrCAD Allegro 2016 Version 17.2 for Windows


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