Saturday, April 15, 2017

High Precision Frequency and Voice Detector Circuit using LM567 IC

Electronic Kit School. - Maybe one of the useful radio categorize circuit that you need in this time is how to detect high frequency and voice using simple component. One of the IC that can do this work is LM567 IC that can be used for detecting frequency with high precision and it also detects voice.

In this article we will show you one of the circuit of high precision frequency and voice detector using the main component LM567 IC look like in Figure 1 below. You can realize this circuit easily for the first electronic project now.

The main component to build this circuit is one again we mentioned LM567 IC which popular today. In this time, beside we will show you the circuit, here we also will show you component part and global description about this circuit.


  1. R1 = 22 KΩ
  2. R2, = 10 KΩ
  3. R3 = 1 KΩ
  4. C­1, C2 = 0.1 µF
  5. C3 = 1 µF/16V
  6. C4 = 2.2 µF/16V
  7. IC1 = LM567
  8. D1 = LED
  9. D2 = 1N914
  10. 6V relay

Circuit like in Figure 1 above show you about the high precision frequency and voice detector using the main component LM567 IC. From Electronicsproject site describe that the main part or heart of the circuit high precision frequency and voice detector is IC LM567 which comprising a phase locked loop (PLL), and detect frequency range between 0.01 Hz to 500 kHz. The value of detection of frequency and voice detector can be changed by changing the value of low-pass-capacitor. The formula for calculating the value of low pass capacitor is

L.C = n/Fr

Where Fr = 1.1/(R2 * C2), while n= 1300 for two percentage detection bandwidth and 6300 for 14 percentage. 1.1 kHz PLL running frequency is set by R2 and C2.


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