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Op Amps: The Most Versatile of All Linear ICs by Lou Frenzel 1

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Whenever you need an amplifier or have a related linear-circuit design problem, most of you will turn to an op amp as a solution. Op amps are a good choice because of their universal versatility to deal with a wide range of amplification needs. And most designers at least have a working knowledge of op amps.

But how much do you really know outside of the basics taught in EE degree programs?  If you said, “not much,” some additional training in op-amp technology may be a good course of action. Now you can get that necessary knowledge from several sources and products available from Texas Instruments.

Boning Up on Op-Amp Technology

Aside from standard textbook coverage as a base, perhaps the best way to educate yourself about practical design with op amps is to learn from an engineer with extensive op-amp experience. Such is the case with one of TI’s op-amp experts, Bruce Trump, and his ebook titled The Signal: A compendium of blog posts on op amp design topics.

Analog engineers typically “…acquire insights in small pieces—a bit here and a bite (not a byte) there. Slowly, puzzle pieces fit into place and hazy concepts come into focus.” That’s what amplifier expert Bruce Trump explains in his preface to The Signal, which is a compilation of 32 little op-amp lessons from his popular blog by the same name. Click here to get your free copy today.

But wait, that’s not all. While most op-amp vendors supply helpful datasheets and application notes, TI expands the learning landscape by providing resources such as its “Precision Labs.”

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