Tuesday, August 1, 2017

University News: State-of-the-Art Engineering & Technology: Canadian University Dubai by GN Feature Story

ElectronicKitSchool. - This is one information update from university news 2017 in this time with the article titled State-of-the-Art Engineering & Technology: Canadian University Dubai that written by GN Feature Story and published in Gineersnow site.

The Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is a destination of choice for those parents and students who value a Canadian student centered education grounded in the values of people, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence. CUD was created as a portal to Canadian education, so with that in mind, it was built on the model of the typical Canadian post-secondary educational  institution, where students are encouraged to be themselves, confident, distinctive, and creative analytical thinkers.  CUD offers exchange programs and pathways to a number of well-established programs in leading public universities across Canada.

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The Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology offers well established bachelors programs in Engineering (currently in  Telecommunications, Networks, and Computer and Network Technology) and plans on introducing a BSc in Electric Engineering with concentrations in Electronics, Mechatronics and Telecommunications (first intake will be in September 2017). In addition, it is currently developing exchange BSc programs with the prestigious Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) in computing with specializations in General Computing, Biomedical Computing, and Software Design (first formal intake is planned for September 2018). The Faculty also offers two of the best Bachelor of Science programs in Architecture and Interior Design in the GCC, as benchmarked against Canadian and American standards.

As a parent, you’d choose Engineering, Architecture or Interior Design at Canadian University Dubai for its learning environment where the quality of the interaction student/professor is a top priority, coupled with excellence in instruction, mastery of state-of-the art technologies, and the opportunity for work placement (internships) and undergraduate research.

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