Sunday, November 26, 2017

Electronic Design Software: Proteus Version 8.7 for Windows

ElectronicKitSchool. - One again Proteus 8 professional with it version added is Proteus 8.7 SP2 for Windows for you who want to create simulation electronic and microcontroller now and design PCB layout easily with it features.

Proteus 8.7 for Windows with new many advantages will give you many advanced simulation in electronic project and PCB layout design with ISIS and ARES that allow you to design electronic circuit and simulate it and then you also can create PCB layout design at once using this software.

In this article we will give you global overview about Proteus software, the features, system requirement and the last we will give you the link that allow you to take free download Proteus Version 8.7 for Windows system. 

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Proteus is one electronic simulation software that has developed by Labcenter Electronics. This software can make you easily generate schematic captures, simulate microprocessor and develop PCB. With Proteus has such a simple yet effective interface that it simplifies the task required to be performed. This one aspect has attracted many users to select this tool amongst many others offering the same services.

One of the main components of Proteus 8 is Circuit Simulation which is a product that uses SPICE 3f5 analogue simulator kernel with digital simulator which allows user to use any SPICE model from any manufacturer. The application comes with extensive debugging features which includes break points and single stepping. So, the application can be used in the educational institutions in order to teach the students about circuit designing.

As more information to you that Proteus 8 has a very simple and organized interface and has all the necessary tools and commands which are necessary for designing circuit boards and also for testing them. The application is strictly for the advanced users and only those who have extensive knowledge of circuit designing can use it efficiently.

Proteus 8.7 Features

  1. High Speed Design
  2. Placement Rooms
  3. Automatic Via Stitching
  4. Library Management
Download Software

And now you can click the icon link below to continue download Proteus 8.7 for Windows. There are two files that you show download.

 Proteus 8.7 for Windows

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fridge Alarm Speaks and Saves Power and Food by Bryan Cockfield

ElectronicKitSchool. - This is one information update from microcontroller project in this time with the article titled Fridge Alarm Speaks and Saves Power and Food that written by Bryan Cockfield.

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One of the most power-hungry devices in our homes, besides the air conditioner or heater, is our refrigerator and freezer. It’s especially so if the door doesn’t close all the way or the magnetic seal doesn’t seat properly. [Javier] took to solving a recurring problem with his personal fridge by attaching an alarm to the door to make sure that it doesn’t consume any more power than it absolutely needs.

At its core the device is straightforward. A micro switch powers a small microcontroller only when the door is open. If the door is open for too long, the microcontroller swings into action. The device then powers up a small wireless card (which looks like a variant of the very well-documented ESP module), that communicates with his microwave of all things, which in turn alerts him with an audible, spoken alarm that the refrigerator hasn’t closed all the way. It’s all powered with a battery that will eventually need to be recharged.

While there are certainly easier ways to implement an alarm, the use of the spoken alarm is a nice touch for this project, and the power savings that can be realized are not insignificant.

And now you read more about Fridge Alarm Speaks and Saves Power and Food by Bryan Cockfield from original source using link HERE