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The 38-KHz IRTR Module Circuit Based on 555 and Infrared Receiver VS1838 (IRRX)

Electronic Kit School. - This is the 38-KHz IRTR module that designed compactly with the infrared transmitter and receiver board created with the help of a couple of inexpensive components. 

There are electronic design circuit to The 38-KHz IRTR Module Based on 555 and Infrared Receiver VS1838 (IRRX) like in the Figure 1 below. The main component are used like resistors, capacitors, IR LED, red LED, 555 IC, VS1838 IR, and other

The main component to modulated the The 38-KHz IRTR Module Circuit Based on 555 and Infrared Receiver VS1838 (IRRX) which popular today. In this time, beside we will show you the circuit, here we also will show you component part and global description about this circuit.


Figure 1. The 38-KHz IRTR Module Circuit Based on 555 and Infrared Receiver VS1838 (IRRX) (Source:

Component Parts
  1. R1 — 100R ¼-W carbon resistor
  2. R2 — 1K2 ¼-W carbon resistor
  3. R3 — 10K ¼-W carbon resistor
  4. R4 — 100R ¼-W carbon resistor
  5. R5 — 22K ¼-W carbon resistor
  6. P1 — 10K preset pot
  7. C1&C4 — 100-uF/16-V electrolytic capacitor
  8. C2 — 100-nF ceramic capacitor
  9. C3 — 1-nF ceramic capacitor/tantalum capacitor
  10. IRED — 5-mm infrared LED
  11. IRRX — VS1838 (or TSOP1838) infrared receiver
  12. LED1 — 5-mm red LED
  13. T1 — BC547 NPN transistor
  14. IC1 — NE555P timer chip
  15. J1 — Four-pin male header

Circuit like in Figure 1 above show you about the The 38-KHz IRTR Module Based on 555 and Infrared Receiver VS1838 (IRRX). From Electroschematics site describe that as you might have noticed, the 38-KHz pulse generator is built around the evergreen timer chip NE555P (IC1). Here, the RC components (R5-C3-P1) set the astable frequency to drive the infrared light source (IRED1) through its driver BC547 (T1) — a general-purpose NPN transistor. After construction, the center frequency must be locked to 38 KHz (±1%) by adjusting the 10K preset potentiometer (P1). A digital multimeter with frequency counter or an oscilloscope is required to complete this one-time adjustment. The pulse train can be modulated by feeding TTL level signals to the reset terminal (pin 4) of IC1; i.e., I/P of the four-pin header J1.

The infrared receiver VS1838 (IRRX) hardly requires external electronic components. However, an RC-network (R1-C1) is added deliberately to suppress power supply disturbances. The red indicator (LED1) works as a pulse activity indicator merely included for occasional debugging tasks. The demodulated output signal, available through pin 3 (O/P) of the four-pin header (J1), can directly be decoded by a microprocessor. Below are snapshots of my first prototype on a perforated board.

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Electronic Design Software: Autodesk EAGLE Premium 8.2 with Crack for Windows

ElectronicKitSchool. - One again Autodesk EAGLE software with it version added is Autodesk EAGLE Premium 8.2 with Crack for Windows for you who want to create and design PCB layout easily with it features.

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